Testimonials about Billings, MT Sweetwater

Testimonials about Billings, MT Sweetwater

Billings Sweetwater
3140 Sweet Water Drive
Billings, MT 59102-6835
(406) 534-0355



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Sweetwater is the best!

— Gene B.

They are taking good care of me.

— John M.

It's good -- that's all I can say.

— Clara F.

The music at Happy Hour brings me back to my girlhood times.

— Dolly A.

Everybody's friendly and the atmosphere is friendly with lots of entertainment.

— Doris J.

I like Sweetwater it is a nice place to be.

— Carol G.

If you don't have a car they have a bus to take you, and that's a good thing.

— Dolly A.

They make it feel like home

— Alice T.

It's a nice place to live.

— Mary Ann

Everyone has been so good to me and making me feel welcome at Sweetwater.

— Audrey F.

They make me feel safe and at home.

— Marion B.

I just think it's a great place to live.

— Tommie C.

The kind caring staff is always willing to help us out for anything.

— Betty T.

There are many many great activities to keep us busy and moving around.

— Doris P.

Very happy friendly atmosphere the staff works so hard.

— Vi E.

I felt the need to write this letter to you both to show my gratitude and to show anyone who is undecided about making the move to Sweetwater. My mom, Irene Kirsch, moved into your wonderful facility on July 8. Since then, she has blossomed in ways I could not even imagine. I want to Thank You for the wonderful service, activities, and care you give everyone here at Sweetwater. But mostly, I want to Thank You for giving my mom her life and independence back. She was stuck in her own home for months after hurting her knee and was unable to continue driving. Coming to Sweetwater was the very best decision we could've made. Please tell anyone who may be "on the fence" about moving in, to feel free to give me a call if need be. It will truly be the BEST decision you could make! My mom hasn't been this happy in years!

— Kathy Stedman

Thank you so much for the wonderful reception since we decided to join Sweetwater. It's the most friendliest in town and whenever we needed help or questions you've been right there. We are anxious to get involved with the many activities offered here. Thanks a bunch!

— Del and Florence

Being at Sweetwater is like being in a Big Happy Family.

This is Living!

— Bob Kent

I really like my apartment and the food is good most of the time!

The people are friendly, make you feel like home.

My daughter decided this was a good place for me.

Betty Jean, Life Enrichment Coordinator is great as are the rest of the help.

— Betty Harrison

I lived at Sweetwater in 2008 for 5 months with my husband. He was not well but he became better so we returned to our home. My husband passed away in January 2013. I moved to Sweetwater again in April 2013. I like the staff and residents who are all so friendly and helpful. It is home to me.

— Lois Witt

I have lived at Sweetwater for almost 7 years. The best thing I can say about Sweetwater is the people.

Particularly the management, especially Betty Jean, Life Enrichment Coordinator and Mike Brandel, Kitchen Manager. Mike is a good cook!

— Terney Taylor

Sweetwater is an excellent place for retired people.

The food is basically good. The staff does an excellent job of keeping the residents entertained and having things to do. The transportation is on the go every day, all day except Saturday and Sunday.

Housekeeping is well kept up. So "This is Living" is a good line, as I hear and see Sweetwater is one of the top of the line places in Billings. I have lived here about 4 1/2 years.

— Bill Arnold

There comes a time in everyone's life when we must make some big decisions concerning our future.

I made a big decision just over a year ago when I came to Sweetwater Retirement. I've never regretted it. It is a warm, friendly place where they provide everything we need.

I am so thankful for Sweetwater.

— Bethel Kienitz

I made up my mind immediately when the apartment door was opened and I saw the bright, sunny living room and how spacious the apartment was.

I had been reluctant before.

— Jeanne McNea

It's a wonderful life!

— Carole Callas

I really enjoy living here very much!

— Ruby Olson

I chose Sweetwater, it was the best one we found.

I really like it. Hope I can stay here a few more years.

— Irene Kirsch